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What is Figarc?

Long pitch

Figarc is a premium Figma library that helps Figma aficionados effortlessly create floor plans. The library components are designed from a birds-eye view, akin to an orthographic drawing style, and contain a few visual styles that can be changed via variable modes.

Figarc doesn‘t aim to replace professional architectural software; indeed, it can‘t because it‘s built on top of Figma‘s capabilities—software primarily aimed at product designers. Therefore, Figarc is a creative experiment showing how Figma‘s robust capabilities can be applied in a different creative industry.

Figarc‘s target audience is people who are well-versed in Figma and have a knack for architecture and interior design. For example:

  1. Designers, developers, and other IT people who wants to visualize their home or office.
  2. Architecture students or hobbyists who want to visualize spaces.
  3. People from unexpected fields of knowledge who would love to put themselves in the architect‘s shoes and enjoy drawing floor plans as a pastime.

Short pitch

Figarc is a design system built in Figma but for floor plans. It helps you use your Figma knowledge and apply it systematically to visualize home or office spaces.

Alien-invasion-no-time-to-explain type of pitch

Floor plans in Figma.


Logo assets

Simple and stripped to the core, the Figarc mark symbolizes an open door, which is one of the key symbols in designing floor plans.

Product graphics

Figarc as a product is continuously evolving. Therefore, to ensure you have the latest promo graphics, revert to this section regularly.

The founder

That would be me, Zlatko Najdenovski, writing this paragraph. Born and raised in Skopje, Macedonia.

Figarc began as a personal experiment. One day, in between client projects, I decided to draw my dream home in Figma. Little did I know this would grow into a fully-fledged design system aimed at people who are also passionate about drawing dwellings of various kinds.

To know more about my career in general, read the bio on Ensage.