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These foundational fixtures, such as walls and doors, create the backbone of any structure. They help you define spaces and create a functional and well-balanced floor plan.


Bathrooms go beyond hygiene and serve as spaces for refreshment and self-care. They are compact yet equally crucial in a household setting.


Integral to any home, Kitchens are created for sociable cooking experiences while embracing innovative technology, sustainable materials, and open-plan layouts.


Designed for tranquility, bedrooms are spaces consisting of essential furniture pieces to help you create an intimate zone of rest and reflection.

Living room

Catering for diverse, multifunctional needs, living rooms are designed for chilling, hosting guests, throwing in movie nights, or just soaking in good vibes.

Dining room

Dining rooms are the heart of social interaction, designed as a dedicated room or as part of an open-plan home layout, where people gather to share food, conversation, and quality time.


Collaborative spaces that blend efficiency and comfort for modern work environments, designed to integrate as a home office or as part of a commercial building.


A laundry room helps you optimize space for efficient washing and drying clothes, typically consisting of a washing machine, clothes dryer, and storage for clothes and cleaning equipment.