Product roadmap

What‘s on the horizon for Figarc.

Next 30 days

Realistic materials

With the release of the realistic theme, Figarc will begin having realistic materials that you can apply via variables. These seamless textures will be a continuous effort, as more furniture pieces are added into the Furniture library.

Next 1–3 months

Figarc plugin

While the Figarc library is quite powerful and flexible on its own, a Figarc plugin would add additional functionalities such as measuring spaces, exporting to CAD elements, and other nifty features that would make this closer to proper software for designing floor plans.

Realistic theme

Once Figma expands on the variable feature where values are gradients and patterns, expect a 3D theme to add further life-like dimensions to your floor plan designs.

Next 3–6 months

Animated elements

Some of the elements inside the furniture components would have multiple states connected as a prototype. This will allow for those elements to animate if the Prototype mode is turned on.

Figarc community

Implement a third-party community tool where Figarc fans can interact with each other, share knowledge and ideas, and vote on features.

Humans, pets and vehicles library

A separate Figma library to add frozen moments into your home design, featuring people and pets in different positions and actions. And don‘t forget to design your garage, because cars, trucks, vans, bicycles, and scooter are coming.

Landscape library

A separate Figma library focusing on adding things around your home, in your garden. Think trees, shrubs, flowers, ponds, fountains, gazebos, pergolas, arbors, benches, fire pits, fences, flower beds, etc.


Furniture library

It goes without saying that Figarc will include furniture pieces as components that you can drag and drop into your home designs. This feature will come as a separate Figma library, that will include seatings, tables, desks, storage, beds, cabinets, lamps, rugs, artwork and more.

Colorful theme

After Whiteprint and Blueprint themes, expect a theme that is more colorful to add depth and emotion to your floor plan designs.

Bathroom and kitchen fixtures

A separate Figma library that includes common, and not-so-common, bathroom and kitchen elements. Think fridges, ovens, microwaves, sinks, jacuzzis, built-in showers, freestanding bathtubs, toilets, and other kitchen and utility appliances.

Structural foundations

A base Figma library that includes all styles and variables. This is the first library that you should include in your architectural design, so you can get the full power of the theme switcher enabled with variable modes.