Designed for tranquility, bedrooms are spaces consisting of essential furniture pieces to help you create an intimate zone of rest and reflection.


More than just personal hygiene

The functionality of a bathroom transcends the routine of personal hygiene, evolving into a sanctuary for refreshment and self-care. Despite their typically smaller size than other rooms, bathrooms hold equal importance in the household.

Designing thoughtful bathroom layouts

When it comes to designing a bathroom, thoughtful layouts are paramount. Consideration of fixture size and placement, including sinks, toilets, baths, and showers, is crucial. Practicality takes center stage by ensuring ample toiletries, towels, and essentials storage.

Exploring bathroom variations

Bathrooms come in various forms, each serving distinct purposes. The possibilities are diverse, from minimal utility bathrooms to full ones with bathtubs or showers, ensuite bathrooms attached to bedrooms, and jack-and-jill bathrooms shared between separate bedrooms. In real estate, bathroom classifications are based on the number of fixtures, influencing the overall layout.

Balancing comfort and functionality

Effective bathroom layouts extend beyond fixtures. Consider spaces accommodating accessories like towel bars, mirrors, and storage. Ensuring comfortable and safe clearances for general movement is equally vital. Bathroom dimensions vary case by case, adapting to the actual sizes of fixtures.

Designing your perfect bathroom

Embark on the journey of crafting a perfect bathroom that goes beyond mere functionality. Explore the nuances of thoughtful layouts, fixture considerations, and the balance between comfort and practicality. Whether planning a new bathroom or considering a renovation, understanding these elements will guide you in creating a refreshing space tailored to your needs.